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A Stellar Composite Deck Cleaning Project in Walland, Tennessee | Marshall’s Pressure Washing


At Marshall’s Pressure Washing, we have the privilege of putting our expertise to work throughout Knoxville, Tennessee and its surrounding areas – Walland, included. Most recently, we completed an intriguing project that involved composite deck cleaning in Walland, TN. This project wasn’t your run-of-the-mill deck cleaning assignment, however. It had its unique aspects that pushed our skills and resilience to the next level.

Description of the Project

Due to continual exposure to elements, the composite deck in question had darkened significantly, losing its original charm. Our task was to revamp the deck and restore its older glory. For those familiar with the marshallspressurewashing’s services, you would know that the job demanded a specific set of techniques and methods.

Enlisting hot water cleaning combined with gentle pressure washing, we began the intricate process. Our team knows the importance of local relevance and harnessed our in-depth knowledge of local climatic conditions and how it affects our cleaning process to give this Walland project the bespoke touch it deserved.

Challenges and Solutions

Given the unique attributes of the project, it came with its fair share of challenges. The composite material of the deck, along with grime buildup due to the local weather conditions, demanded an expert handling that we, fortunately, could provide.

Echoing our learnings from previous projects in Knoxville such as concrete cleaning or house siding cleaning, we adapted the right approach to conquer the obstacles. Having well-founded local knowledge, we formulated a solution that cut through the muck without damaging the composite man-made materials.

Impact on the Local Community

The success of this project made a significant impact on the local community of Walland – a peaceful city in Blount County, Tennessee. Our professional cleaning service not only improved the aesthetic appeal of the deck, but it also created an environment that was safe and clean for the inhabitants.

The neighbors and passersby have since noted the transformation, further cementing our reputation as the local authority in composite deck cleaning in Walland, TN.


This project has been one of the diverse undertakings that showcases our commitment to excellence and working according to the specific needs of the project. Visit our About Us page to get a better understanding of our working process.

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